Door Skin

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Door Skin Specification

- Plywood & Door skin Manufacturing
- Import business (MDF, HDF)
- Construction
These companies will engage under ZERUFAM INDUSTRY PLC. ZERUFAM INDUSTRY PLC invested in one of the specialized investment sectors in plywood & Door skin, import business & Construction Company in our country. The factory is located in Ayder industrial Zone in Mekelle Town.
The company will sell different sizes of plywood & door skin, import goods & a broad range of MDF, HDF & Construction products. The Company has Eleven years’ experience by its parent company in the business. Due to this wide experience and concern for quality the company has established a very nice wide image & reputation in the eyes of its customer. In addition, the availing of wide range of interrelated products in construction sector and home furnishing created additional value to its customer. The present company, ZERUFAM INDUSTRY PLC is established by Eight Ethiopians member families.
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